1913 Australia Postcard PLSC, BRIDAL VEIL Fall, New South Wales.

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    1913 Australia Postcard PLSC, BRIDAL VEIL Fall, New South Wales.

    Bridal Veil Falls

    1913 Australia Postcard, Bridal Veil Falls is a waterfall in east New South Wales, Australia. It is situated about 280km north-northeast of Sydney. Bridal Veil Falls is about 575m above sea level.

    Detailed Information:

    The figure of 608 meters is often associated with this waterfall, however, this is obviously a measurement from the brink of the falls to the very floor of the canyon, not the height of the falls themselves. The falls have also been listed at 984 feet (300 meters). This may be a valid estimate, but we feel that 537 feet is probably closer to accurate (this figure was arrived at by dropping a plumb line down the falls). Topo maps show the brink elevation at 890m and the base between 730 and 730m. If we split the difference, we get 165m of height. This confirms the height of 537' (164m) as far as we're concerned

    1913 Australia Postcard

    NOTE :
    There are numerous waterfalls around the world named Bridal Veil Falls. In this particular case, it pertains to a light-flowing, cliff-diving, wispy waterfall that can be seen from the Govett's Leap Lookout just off a well-signed spur road from the Blue Mountains township of Blackheath.

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    Waterfall Name on Stamp Bridal Veil Falls
    Continent Australia
    Type of the waterfall Plunge
    Country Australia
    Waterfalls Height 537 ft / 164 mt
    Waterfalls Width 25ft / 8 mt
    Waterfall is originated from Govetts Leap Creek
    Waterfall Situated in Blackheath, Blue mountain, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
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