Le Saut du Doubs falls- Switzerland Waterfalls Postcard

  • July 13, 2014 3:40 pm
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    Le Saut du Doubs falls- Switzerland Waterfalls Postcard

    Doubs falls postcard- Switzerland Waterfalls.

    The source of the Doubs starts at 937 m altitude, in a cave in the valley of Mouthe.

    Located on the road French-Swiss watchmaking, and Morteau between La Chaux-de-Fonds, Villers-le-Lac is the starting point for discovering one of the most attractive natural deemed de Franche-Comté: the jump doubs.

    It was around Villiers-le-Lac as the Doubs widens to form Lake Chaillexon. Below the river leaves the elevated level of the lake and then returning to its natural level by a stunning fall, the famous jump. 27 meters high, the waterfall is impressive and is in a bubbling scum that runs on rocks in the lake Morrone.

    Doubs falls postcard - 1923







    1923 Switserland - Waterfall of the Doubs Postal stationary.
    Doubs waterfall is one the most visiting tourist place in Switzerland.

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    Waterfall Name on Stamp Doubs falls
    Continent Europe
    Country Switzerland
    Stamp Issued on 1923
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