Hukou waterfalls on the yellow river - China Stamps

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    Hukou waterfalls on the yellow river - China Stamps

    Hukou Waterfall

    (1-1) China Souvinear Sheet S/s Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River - Postage Stamps

    The Hukou Waterfalls , the only cataract on the Yellow River, is located in the bordering area between Jixian County of Shanxi Province and Yichuan County of Shannxi Province. At this point, the bed of the river abruptly turns narrow, forming a shape like a pot mouth (the Chinese for which is "hukou"), hence its name. The waterfalls over a precipice more than 30 metres deep, which is a spectacular scene. The Yellow River symbolizes the courage and perseverance of the Chinese nation. The Chinese people are advancing with enormous enthusiasm towards their bright future, just like the surging torrent of the Yellow River. The words "Advancing with the time with indomitable will" are printed in pure gold foil on the souvenir sheet.

    Hukou waterfalls miniature sheet china

    Serial number:2002-21;
    Dimension :
    S/s - 130*90 mm
    Stamp - 60*40 mm ;

    Denomination : 8 yuan ;
    Date of issue: 8th Nov. 2002;

    Designer: Yan Bingwu and Liu Hong ;
    Printing process: gravure ;
    Printer: Beijing Postage Stamp Printing House.

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