Indian waterfall stamps 2003

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    Indian waterfall stamps 2003

    Indian Waterfall stamps

    India 2003 waterfall stamps miniature sheetOn 3rd October 2003,  Indian Department of Post Issued commemorative postage stamp on "Waterfalls of India"

    The Department of Posts (DoP) India has released a set of four commemorative postage stamps and a miniature sheet on the theme Waterfalls of India. Four Stamps depicting Athirapally Falls, Kakolat Falls and the Kempty Falls are in the denomination of Rs.5/- each and the stamp on Jog Falls is in the denomination of Rs.15/-.


    Jog-Falls-Waterfalls-India-Postage-Stamp1. Jog Falls : The world famous Jog or Gerusoppa Waterfall which is located northwest of Shimoga city of Karnataka in a hamlet called Jog. The Sharavati river flowing over a rocky bed takes a leap from a height of 292 metres and divides into four smaller distinct falls known as the ‘Raja’, the ‘Roarer’, the ‘Rocket’ and the ‘Rani'.




    Athirapalli-Falls-Waterfalls-India-Postage-Stamp2. Athirapally Falls : The Athirapally Waterfall is located on the fringes of the famous Sholayar forest ranges of Kerala. About 80 feet high, it crashes through gorges into the Chalakkudy river.





    Kempty-Falls-Waterfalls-India-Postage-Stamp3. Kempty Falls :The Kempty falls is located about 15 kms from Mussorie and 50 kms from Dehradun on the Mussorie-Yamunotri road in Uttaranchal. With water cascading down from an altitude of 4500 feet and splitting into five smaller falls, the Kempty waterfall offers a panoramic view. The name Kempty is probably derived from ‘camp-tea’ as the British would organise their tea parties there.



    Kakolat-Falls-Waterfalls-India-Postage-Stamp4. Kakolat Falls :The Kakolat waterfall which is located about 33.6 kms from Nawada on the Ranchi road in Bihar. The fall is about 150-160 feet and just below it, there is a deep reservoir natural in character.




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