(Braganca) Kalundula Waterfall – Angola stamps on the theme waterfalls

  • July 12, 2014 4:13 pm
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    (Braganca) Kalundula Waterfall – Angola stamps on the theme waterfalls

    Duke Of Braganca Waterfall

    Angola (Duke of Braganca) Kalundula waterfalls Waterfall stamp

    Duke Of Braganca Waterfall (After 1976 the falls have been called as Kalendula waterfalls).

    The 50 Ags Deep Green Duke Of Braganca Angola stamps with perforation 13-1/2  was issued on the year 1949.

    About Duke of Braganca waterfalls:

    The (Braganca) Kalundula waterfalls, suituated on the Lucala River, north west of the Malanje city, Angola. The distance from Malanje to Braganca falls is about 85 kilometers (52.8 miles).

    It is the first (1st) largest waterfall in the angola, then the second (2nd) largest waterfalls in Africa and the world fourth(4th) biggest waterfall. It’s height is 350-feet(107 metre tall) and width is about 1,312 feet(400 meters wide) , at the time of flood it may extends its width nearly 2000 ft (feet).

    It has different names

    1. Duke Of Braganca Waterfall – Name used until 1976

    2. Locally called as “Quedas de Calandula” – Quedas de Calandula

    3. Oficially called as “Kalundula waterfalls”

    4. Few residents call it as – Dianzundu Falls

    The natural beauty of waterfall, and its dense volume of water, attract the more and more local and worldwide tourists. The waterfall is surrounded by many natural reserves, the visitors of this fall also visit the near by tourism spots.


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    Waterfall Name on Stamp Duke Of Braganca Waterfall
    Continent Africa
    Type of the waterfall Horseshoe
    Country Angola
    Waterfalls Height 350-feet- (107-metre-)
    Waterfall is originated from Lucala River
    Waterfall Situated in Kalandula Village, Malanje Province , Angola
    Stamp Issued on Feb 1949
    Denomination of the postage stamp 50 AGS
    Scott No 324
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