Murchison falls Stamp Collection - Kenya Uganda Tanzania

  • July 13, 2014 4:22 pm
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    Murchison falls Stamp Collection - Kenya Uganda Tanzania

    Murchison falls - One of the most famous waterfalls in Uganda.

    Post 0f Kenya Uganda Tanganyika, issued a postage stamp of Murchison falls on 1st October 1960.
    Murchison falls - stamp collectionMurchison is also called as Kabalega falls or Kabarega falls,  it is situated in Murchison Falls National Park, and it is originated on the river lower Victoria Nile as three individual cascades in northern west Uganda and flows into the Lake Albert.

    It falls from the Victoria Nile about 141 feet height. Sir Samuel White Baker an English traveller visited the waterfalls and named as Murchison Falls (Geologist Sir Roderick Murchison)

    It is one of the famous tourist place in Uganda. Also the national park, is famous for its abundant Wildlife.

    The brown colour stamp depicts the waterfalls of Murchison, Lake Albert, river Victoria Nile, mountains and the Hippopotamuses. The definitive East African stamp technical information - Denomination 1.30 shilling with dimension 44* 28 mm.

    The waterfall is about 141 feet height and  23 feet width, and it is of the type segmented.

    "Kenya became a crown colony in 1906, including the former East Africa Protectorate leased from the Sultan of Zanzibar and known as the Kenya Protectorate. In 1963 the colony became independent. Its stamps are listed under “Kenya.”"

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    Waterfall Name on Stamp Hippopotamus Murchison Falls
    Continent Africa
    Type of the waterfall Segmented
    Country East Africa
    Waterfalls Height 141 Feet
    Waterfalls Width 23 feet
    Waterfall is originated from River Victoria Nile
    Waterfall Situated in the state of Bunyoro
    Stamp Issued on 01-Oct-1960
    Denomination of the postage stamp 1.30 Shilling
    Scott No 130
    Technical Information

    Perforation : 14
    Color : Chocolate & Dark Caramine
    Size : 44 mm x 28 mm

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